Fyunka in Khobar

Hello gorgeous <3

So today, my friend ALAA and I went to the launch of fyunka's new collection event at desert design. It was well organised event! 

Fyunka is a line of fashion inspired designs with the influence of Pop Culture and Khaleeji Insights! Founded June 2011

What a lovely goodies!  I forgot to take one )':
( Oud bottles filled with glitter + Magic rouge + Kohl ) I REALLY LOVED THE IDEA OF THESE GOODIES <33333

I like the plastic bags so much! i would love to take them all <3

Make up cases <3

Gameboy pouch.

iPad cases.

Jumbo Chanel bag.

Notebooks. ( PRETTY)

My favorite bag from her new collection is oud bag.

And also i got the OUD NOTEBOOK.

If you can tell I'm obsessed with oud even my iPad wallpaper (illustrated by Alaa Balkhy)

My friend got the burqaa make up case. LOVE IT

It was nice to see Alaa Balkhy. She is so A D O R A B L E. I wish you best of luck <3333

Dear Khobar girls if you missed today event DON'T WORRY! Fyunka will be there tomorrow at the same place desert design january 31, from 11 am to 1 pm go and shop your favorite fyunka.

If you are want to purchase one of the bags, check out:

If you live in Riyadh or Jeddah you can visit Maison BO-M and follow them on Twitter

Found Fyunka at:


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